wordHi Jimmy,

Jackson is amazing on the football field this year, I have attached his schedule. We have a lot of speed kills boy’s on our team, maybe that is why the score on Saturday was Oilers 36 Carson Colts 0.Speed Kills Football logo

Thanks again,

Hello Coach Jimmy,

I wanted to stop and take the time to tell you how much I appreciate you allowing Justin to come to camp at no charge. You gave him confidence, endurance, strength, and the ability to continue his journey with football. My words are not enough to repay you for your time, effort, and gratefulness. We will take this experience with us during our first season of football and we look forward to your next camp session…see you soon.

Shannon and Justin Walker

Hey jimmy,

just thought i’d give you an insight on what SK has created, 2 games in, 6 touchdowns and a pick for good measure. hes so much better this year its amazing to see the diff. in him. Everytime he touches the ball he does something good with it.Thanks jimmy! hope all is well with you. oh yeah one more thing, his mother said that it would be a waste of time and money to train him cuz hes only 8,even said…”uhhh, i think Sk works” duh! take care

~ salvador tovar

Dear coach Nolan:

with the coming track season up ahead, i look back at all the times i have spent training with numerous coaches, but only one stands out in my head. Coach Nolan you are truely the only coach that has kept me going in pursuit of becoming the best. No other coach has had so much faith in me then you.

Knowing that there is someone who believes in me keeps me going. i will always remember the words you said one day at football practice before a game, you said ” you practice so hard durring the week and at game day you will perform how you’ve practiced” and “have heart”. since i am such a competitve person, this quote is the only thing that keeps me practing hard. i think the most important thing a coach can do is to inspire an athlete that he can accomplish anything as long as he has the heart and determination to do so.

i feel that many coaches only want to see points that i bring in for the team and as long as i win they dont care about anything else(almost like a work horse), but you wanted me to improve and grow with the sport (you made it fun). everytime something good happened at practice or durring a game,you were there with me to celebrate and there was no better feeling knowing that you were just as excited as i was. with track it is hard to celebrate as a team. i always find myself celebrating inside me and dont let it out. in the past two years here at Cal Poly Pomona, i had lost that motivation and determination you once taught me.

overall i had lost heart for the sport. i was simply going through the motions with no desire to be the best at practice. to me a win was just a win, but with that thought i have only set myself up for a lose. i did not improve significantly as an individual, i did not lift wieghts to strengthen my body, and i did run my hardest at practice. even though i did well in my events i had no emotion when i won or when i lost.

this year when i want to quit, i tell myself “what would Jimmy tell me right now”. even though i am off to a slow start this year, i am determined to become stronger and qiucker.i am determined to be everything you taught me to be. before i was running on pure natural ability, now i will also have training to back me up. you inspired me and i hope i dont let you down this season. i will start trainging how i once trained with you! okay i wrote to much now im tired, i just had to get it out there!!

oh yeah how can i get a Speed Kills t-shirt?

Big DAT #26 —–vincent nguyen







~ Be sure to see Vincent’s Success Story ~ Jimmy

Hey jimmy,

whattup this is YI, i just wanted to let everyone who’s reading this from everywhere that you are the dopest coach ever. you should be coaching COACHES how to coach. you are a coach with compassion, sacrifice, heart for your players, and GREAT CONFIDENCE..i really admire you not only as a coach, but a role model too. i wish everyone could be like you, thanks for hookin me up when i needed it..ILL PROMISE YOU that shaughnessy and i will REPRESENT what SPEED KILLS is all about at Mater Dei..WE WILL show them who JIMMY NOLAN is…

see you in january,
joe yi



Coach Nolan:

I wanted to thank you for making the effort to talk with my son Matthew. It is important that he, along with all young children understand the importance of hard work, character, hustle and a commitment to academics. You have set a great example for my boy as well as many other young men. I thank you for that and wanted to show my appreciation with gift. I would like to mail you a book on QB play that my brother and I wrote. Can you provide me with your mailing address, and I will make it a point to get it to you. Hopefully it will come in handy. Hope to see you opening day. Have a great day.

G. Keith Borges Jr.

(Keith has 15 years coaching experience at the collegiate level, including Cal Berkeley, Portland State, Sac State, Nothridge, and Merced. His brother, Alan Borges, is known as one of the nation’s premier offensive strategists, coaching at Boise State, Cal, UCLA, and others. It was an honor to meet Keith and it is a future goal of mune to get this guy to coach with me. Keith and Alan wrote a great book “COACHING THE WEST COACH QUARTERBACK.” Keith gave me a copy and it helped my coaching tremendously. I recommend and coaches out there to buy this book. I could learn a lot from someone like Keith, and I could win a lot with his son on my team…wow, that kid is legit!) ~ Jimmy

Jimmy… This is Thomas Myer’s dad.

2 summers ago my son was entering tackle football for the 1st time. He was 11, overweight, and soft in mind, body and spirit..He had a tough season, as he was a 6th grader on an 8th grade team. He now has played 2 years of flags at a local private school and loved it. I asked him what he wanted to do this summer and he said, “Speed Kills!” He is still quite overweight and is not agressive or a hitter.. BUT, one of the most satisfying experiences was being coached by you… I know you usually take on highly successful athletes… but you also had an awesome combination of affirmation and motivation that he has never experienced elsewhere.. I think we will try to show up at training today (Monday) and see if you are there… You have made a great difference in my son’s life.. Thank You.

Eric Myer

Hi Jimmy,

Just wanted to follow up and Thank You again for your donation of the Tire Harness to our South Coast Youth Football fundraiser Golf Tourney. I seriously would like to work out a regimen (and workable cost) that you can train us with a couple times a week in August. I’m coaching the lowest level (my son’s team) 7,8,9 year olds. Hopefully you find it to be worth your while to come to San Clemente to train them.

I’d also like to commend you and your staff on this morning’s training session at Los Alisos school. You guys were great with the kids and the program is diverse and interesting enough that I thought the participation and effort was excellent. My son has never played organized football and is actually wanting to play a little sooner than I expected. I think your program will help him bunches. I’m also going to shoot out a note to my parents and encourage them to get out there with their players…

Take Care and see ya next week,

Robin Bivona
South Coast Youth Football

Hello Coach Nolan.

I hope all is well. My name is Hector, an Alumni of CSHM (class of 92). I attended Pater Noster for 3 years until they closed the doors for good which made me transfer to Cantwell. Since graduating, I have followed CSHM from a distance during football season. I have always been curious on how they are doing due to fact that it is my Alma Mater and that the high school I attended before no longer exist. I must say that it was nice to see the scores in the paper last year after every CSHM victory.

I actually attended the Salesian game and hoped Cantwell would have won by more, although, thinking like a coach (coached Pop Warner for 6 years), if it is a 1 point victory or a 20 point victory, you are just glad to chalk it up as a win. I am sure that by now you know how big a game that is for Cantwell and its alumnus. Well, after receiving the Football news letter, I must say, it brought excitement to know that the program is headed in the right direction. Cantwell has needed a coach that would take the reigns and go. A coach that would make his kids believe.

I am glad you are there.

Hector R. Martinez ~ Cantwell Alumni

Dear Coach Nolan,

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the great job of coaching you did this past football season. To go undefeated in the regular season was monumental. And in seeing the Monday Night NFL Football post-game show, I was edified with the way you respect and have such an encouraging, positive attitude to your players. Obviously, your style, your competence, and your talent have paid rich dividends. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to attending a number of games this coming fall. I wish you another successful season.

Fr. Rich Wozniak
Casaldaliga Mission House

“Hey Jimmy,

Congrats on a fantastic Season at Cantwell. It shows what a new attitude and new way of Coaching can do for a bunch of kids. When I was at Keppel, Cantwell was in the same league with Bishop Amat, Servite, Mater Dei, and all the Cathholic Schools and they got their head handed to them each week. I am really proud of you for what you have accomplished there. I grew up on the other side of the freeway in Monterey Park and I know those areas really well, and I’m sure you are as big as GOD in that area right about now. You deserve every bit of the praise Jimmy.

I will never be able to thank you for everything that you have done for Bryan over the years, the athlete that he has become, you deserve a great deal of credit for. He was 1st team all-sunset league this year as a sophomore, Division 1-A football, not bad huh, and he knows he owes it all to you Jimmy. Bryan will be out there on Saturday to start working out again.

I can’t be happier for you than I am Jim. You deserve every bit of the praise I am sure you are getting. Knowing you, you’re probably giving it all to the kids, because that’s the way you are. Hope to see you on Saturday COACH !!!!!!”

Larry Reihm ~ Bryan’s Dad

Bryan is one of the future stars of California high school football. The guy is fast, strong, and a hell of a hitter. This year he will continue to make a name for himself while dominating at FVHS(Fountain Valley High School). We, Cantwell HS (where I am the head coach), open up against FV… hopefully, Bryan will take it easy on us. ~ Jimmy Nolan

It would be so AWESOME to have you be more involved at CSHM. We need YOU, the students are at an advantage with you as Coach. Your technique’s of coaching have really made a difference in my son’s outlook for Football and being involved. You are just Wonderful all Around, so I’m thankful to you being part of CSHM.

Your #1 Team Mom, Michele (Ice Cream’s Mom)


You trained my son Cole Tischer this past summer at FVHS and I just wanted to give you a recap of his season. He played fullback and outside linebacker for the FV Pee Wee Jaguars of Orange County Junior All American Football (OCJAAF), along with a few other kids you trained this summer (Bryse Blake, Trent Burns-Stickney, Dustin Kuhn).

Just yesterday they finished their season by going 13-0 and winning the OCJAAF Superbowl by a score of 30-8 over Mission Viejo at Mission Viejo HS. On MV’s first possession they were driving the ball and were on the 30 yard line going in until Cole picked off a pass and raced 70 yards for a TD! Speed does kill. That turned the momentum in our favor and our team owned the game from then on. Cole’s looking forward to starting back up with Speed Kills.”

Dave Tischer ~ Cole’s Dad

“Hey Jimmy!

I saw you on ch.7 Monday night, and thought that you might want to come to the Foothill-Los Altos game Friday the 13th at Edison field at 7:00pm. It’s for the CIF Championship! Me and Shane, and the rest of the guys would really like you to go! It’s great to hear about your success at Cantwell, I’m sure it’s from all the SpeedKills training. I know Foothill’s success is from all the hard work we put in with the SpeedKills over the summer. Anyway, I would really like you to be at the game this Friday. I will see you around Jimmy, thanks for everything you have done for Foothill and me!

Tyler Overton

Hey Jimmy Nolan.

This is an alumni from CSHM high. I graduated last year and I just wanted to say congrats on the successful season u and your boys had this season. Not bad for having a 5’11 weighing a buck ten as a lineman (manuel camarena) lol. C’mon Jimmy where were you last year MAN! I always dreamed of having a coach taking the team out to a water park during hell week (lol). I read pretty much your whole website and man was i wishing i were an eigth grader so i can go to these sessions. I’d probably be in this university playing football or baseball. Congrats on your coach of the week award. Have u ever seen last year’s football team picture? Man we’d be tight if we had you. We’d probably even upset Encino Crespi. Good luck next year coach!!!!!!

Cantwell Alumi

“Jimmy Nolan is a a fabulous trainer, and coach.

For 3 years now he has help me prepare for upcoming seasons and made sure I was in the best physical and mental shape I could possibly be in. Under his training I have excelled in numerous ways on and off the field. Jimmy is a class act and teaches his trainees to be the same. He preaches that the only way to succeed in anything is through hard work, dedication, and never giving up. Since I’ve been attending Speed Kills, I have had nothing but success. I received a football scholarship to Northern Michigan University were I was awarded Freshmen of the year and racked up 645 all purpose yards. I have trained with Jimmy all summer and now I’m going back for another season of football with confidence and high expectations. Thanks.”

Manuel Diaz ~ Northern Michigan University Freshman of the Year 2001-2002 Football.

Manuel is featured on our Success Stories page. ~ Jimmy

“The best decision I have ever made for my son’s football career was enrolling him in Speed Kills.

After a few short months of training my son had become a completely different player. Jimmy has taught my son how to get the most out of his ability, this has been a very positive influence in my son’s life. Jimmy’s takes a personal interest in all of his students and this reflects in the success his students achieve. Jimmy Nolan’s Speed Kills is a must for anyone who is serious about dominating their sport. The only regret I have is not being introduced to Jimmy earlier.”

Danny McDermott ~ Shaughnessy McDermott’s Father

Shaughnessy is a freshman at Mater Dei High School. He is playing football. ~ Jimmy

“It is a pleasure to write a few words for you. I sincerely mean all that I am expressing. Thank you for offering your Speed Running Class, which beautifully teaches children and young adults self-empowerment, motivation, confidence and self-discipline. It is exciting to see the enthusiasm my son embraces while being part of your class. Your personal attention and care for him has helped him stay focused. Acknowledging his strengths while encouraging him to work harder in other areas is the refreshing balance you offer as a coach. Thank you for the multitude of little life messages you share with the kids on and off the field. Every parent should know about Jimmy Nolan’s Speed Running Class!

Stella Togo Crawley ~ Chris Crawley’s Mother

Chris is a freshman at Mater Dei High School. He is playing football. ~ Jimmy

Coach Dwayne Hatch and Jimmy Nolan after the biggest “underdog/upset” victory in the history of Professional Italian/American

Coach Dwayne Hatch and Jimmy Nolan after the biggest "underdog/upset" victory in the history of Professional Italian/American Football

Coaching Hall of Fame Dwayne Hatch and Jimmy Nolan after the biggest “underdog/upset” victory in the history of Professional Italian/American Football


“Jimmy Nolan’s Speed Kills program dramatically improved the speed, quickness, and confidence of our Reggio Emilia Hog football players. He transformed their thinking about what it takes to compete at the highest level possible. Jimmy was a tremendous example to our Italian football players of what real speed can do for an athlete and how any athlete can improve thier perfomance through proper training techniques…When Jimmy Nolan arrived in Italy to play for our Reggio Emilia Hogs, the level of play jumped about ten notches. Jimmy hit with such speed and velocity, he was a danger to our opponents and to himself. Italian American football had never seen the likes of Jimmy Nolan.”

Dwayne Hatch ~ Head Coach of the Reggio Emilia Hog Italian Professional Football Team

Some of Coach Hatch’s credits are:

As Head Coach of the Seattle Samammish High School Football Team; Eleven State Play-off appearances, Two State Championship games, 159-77 win/loss record, Inducted into the the Washington State Football Coaches Hall of Fame

He was a Scout for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and inducted into the Italian American Football Coaches Hall of Fame in 2000. He introduced the “Wing T” to football in Italy. ~ Jimmy

“Speed Kills is a phenomenal training experience, directed by a coach/teacher (Jimmy Nolan) that enables the participants to maximize their abilities. Jimmy Nolan challenges, encourages, and develops each individual by combining his knowledge and experience, which exposes the athlete to a unique training process.

High school athletics is a valuable experience to undergo in the process of maturing into adulthood. Young people are influenced and exposed to different situations during this process. Speed Kills, directed by Jimmy Nolan, is one of the experiences where the young athlete recognizes both athletic and academic recognition.”

Mr. Baker ~ Shaun’s Dad

“The best part of Speed Kills is the competition. Speed Kills offers a variety of drills to not only work out the athlete; but to train the athlete to become faster, QUICKER, SMARTER, and stronger.

The best part of having a trainer, like jimmy, is that he’s always there to help. Whether it be 3 kids or 35 kids he makes sure that everyone gets the proper help and training that they need to succeed.

Jimmy is not only a great guy, but also a great trainer. He’s always there to help every kid. To me, he has been a real role model and I really look up to him and respect him. He is one of those guys that make sure you get better and if you don’t – he lets you know that you need to work harder. I would recommend Speed Kills to anyone who is looking to get faster, quicker, and stronger. The cool thing is that Speed Kills helps every type of athlete- from sprinter to soccer player to football player. What kills?? SPEED!!!”

Shaun Baker ~ #22, Fountain Valley High School Football

Read more about Shaun in the August-September newsletter…he is one of the top college prospects in Southern California. This guy is fun to watch if you like violence. (Plays both running back and strong safety ~ Check Shaun out On the Wall) ~ Jimmy

“Being a coach and a teacher is a challenge. However, despite this challenge, Mr. Nolan demonstrates an intrinsic link with the students. Very few teachers are able to establish a bond with teenagers, yet maintain a figure of authority. This character trait should be nurtured and reinforced by our staff, faculty, and administration.

The Fountain Valley High School Football Program has been going through a period of transition ~ from a change of coaching staff to dealing with tragedies. We need to provide our children with a sense of stability ~ a sense of strength and security that they can lean on and depend on. We believe that Mr. Nolan is providing our children with the lessons of discipline, self-respect, and work ethic. Mr. Nolan has made it clear to our students that, through education and positive work ethic, they can and will achieve their innermost goals and dreams. He’s made it his priority to guide our children as they begin to search for their future educational and athletic options. We, as parents of the Fountain Valley High School students, applaud Mr. Nolan’s dedication and want to make sure that the role models of this caliber continue to influence, guide, and teach in this school.

We, the Fountain Valley High School parents and students, feel lucky and proud to have Jimmy Nolan with us.”

I have never met a coach that has supported me, had faith in me, and encouraged me that way Coach Nolan did. He is by far the Best I have trained with and if he did it for me then he can do it for anyone. I cannot explain how much gratitude I have for attending the Speed Kills Training Camp. If it wasn’t for the training techniques that Jimmy’s taught me, I know that my track career would not be where it is today. He has taught me that it is not always about being the most physically strong person, but to turn it into a mental game and beat an opponent by using my mind.

Vincent “Dat” Nguyen ~ CCAA Conference Freshmen of the Year ~ Track & Field ~ Cal Poly Pomona University

Vincent is featured on our Success Stories page. ~ Jimmy

“Jimmy has been a role model to me since the day I met him. He inspired me to try my hardest to achieve things I thought I could never accomplish, on and off the football field. Jimmy has helped me maintain a top physical condition for the game of football. At my first day of Speed Kills, I was a slow, overweight lineman. Jimmy saw something in me that I thought impossible. He made me into a RUNNING BACK and DEFENSIVE BACK. In conclusion, I went from an offensive lineman, throughout years of Jr. All-American Football, to a starting high school tailback and safety. Speed Kills!”

Sammy Kotler ~ Fountain Valley High School Football

“As parents of college and high school athletes we see considerable improvements in the abilities, skills, and outlook of children in the game of football. Speed Kills contributed to our boys earning starting positions on college/high school football teams.”

Mr. and Mrs. Kotler ~ Sammy’s Parents

“Hey Jimmy…It was a good thing that I went to train w/ you cause I was smokin everyone (u made my speed legit). No one in the league could stick me, and I was layin the hat on some people too. I was playin receiver and free safety…you helped my quickness, speed, and surprisingly- my intelligence. When football started, I had an advantage over everyone on my team cause I was ahead and ready. I used all the stuff you taught me at Speed Kills and we won a lot of games this year. If it weren’t for your trainin, I would have been on the bench. I learned a lot and you really helped me. Thanks Jimmy.”

Daryl Forte ~ Dorsey High School

“Speed Kills is essential for any program. Coach Jimmy Nolan does an outstanding job and works excellent with all levels of athletes. Speed Kills should be a main essential in your strategy for success…though I don’t mind if anyone we play against doesn’t use Speed Kills.”

Doug Case ~ Head Football Coach of Foothill High School

“Speed Kills-The best program I have ever been involved in. I’m glad I went there instead of “Quicktwich.” Jimmy turned me into a R/B and a strong safety (D/B). I went from a 5.5 second 40 yd. to a 4.8 second 40 yard and I’m still only in Junior All American. Most of all, I had fun training with Jimmy Nolan. Also, despite what anyone says, speed does kill !!!”

Redge Bendheim ~ 8th grader

Redge is the #1 talent I’ve seen this year in grade school. He’s been with me at SK for a lil’ over a year now and this kid is gonna be a force in high school. Not many kids entering high school are able to make the varsity team as only a freshman. Not only will this kid make the varsity, he could make a solid contribution to most schools out there. ~ Jimmy

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