combinesShould you run at a COMBINE (SCOUTING CAMP)?

I train many athletes… would I send any of my athletes to the money-making-propaganda “scouting combines?” …my boys are fast, and many would score well, but why take that risk?

I BEG all of my athletes to stay FAR AWAY from these waste-of-time camps/risks:

  1. unless you are continuously clocking 40’s like a cheetah, these combines will do nothing but hurt your reputation
  2. Very often a D1 prospect feels obligated to attend one of these camps, because of ignorant message boards, and false propaganda to take your money and trick you into feeling obligated to attend (“SPARQ, Velocity, and the rest of this speed industry that has become part of Corporate America”)
  3. At these ridiculous combines, the prospect might have a bad day; then is crossed off all the big-time college recruiting lists
  4. Had the prospect stayed away from these “recruiting combines/camps,” the recruiters would have been forced to “watch his game film” and decide based on his “football talent”, rather than his “combine talent”
  5. My athletes might do very well at one of these “recruiting camps,” but shouldn’t take that “risk”


I make sure my athletes are right where they need to be ~ under the microscope of many big-time college recruiters. If my athletes get solid grades, perform well, and STAY HEALTHY, there’s a great chance they’ll be offered a scholarship.

Do you have D1 speed?

Who really understands what “D1 SPEED” is?

Unless you want to play corner or receiver at a “Division 1 college”, most of you are perfectly fine. IF you commit to training and stay consistent, keep your grades up, and live a smart/healthy life ~ you are doing everything needed. Unfortunately our society thinks if a kid can’t run down Reggie Bush, he can’t go D1…false.


The competition at Speed Kills is second to none.

There’s nothing better than training against good competition. Remember, your results are limited to the competition you train against. Again, YOU WILL NOT TRAIN AGAINST BETTER COMPETITION THAN YOU’LL FIND AT SPEED KILLS. Want to know where you are right now? Do you think you’re in shape? An athlete that is “ready” is an athlete that trains alongside many of my D1 college kids and fits right in.

Good football players are good athletes. I don’t boast about training good athletes. That’s easy to do. There are a lot of companies that “train athletes”…Speed Kills MAKES good athletes. Colleges recruit good athletes. A college will take a good athlete and find a place for that good athlete to play. Your grades and overall character will be a huge determining factor for any college deciding to offer. Work hard now and stay focused/disciplined. Stay away from the wanna-be speed-impostor money-making companies who know nothing about what it takes to make you READY. Come join Speed Kills and you’re on your way to a free college education…join our crew…our family.

Don’t be content regarding your training. Just because you train everyday doesn’t mean it’s going to help you. Some people never miss a workout. Heck, when I was in high school I was told to bench press every day and then run 5 miles. I never missed a workout (that did nothing but make me inflexible, slow, and stupid). It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.


Knowing what to do is everything….extremely important… Over the years I’ve witnessed many of these random pop-up supposed speed trainers hurting athletes and making them slower. I’ve forgotten more than any of these guys ever learned. Many of them never knew what it felt like to run fast. Most learned from “instructional speed videos, speed and agility training seminars, fancy college courses, in-depth speed booklets, etc.”

Learn from someone who knows what he’s talking about. Speak to any of my athletes. There’s a long list of athletes who will tell you what they gained from Speed Kills….tons of success stories…

“Speed Kills: often imitated, NEVER duplicated”

Bottomline (in a nutshell):

There are two types of recruiting services:

  1. there’s the ignorant kind you hear about everyday, focusing on “combine speed”
  2. there’s the other one-and-only kind (Speed Kills) that focuses on “football speed”

…I’d rather have “football speed” (and so would the college recruiters)…

Football is about football…not about a silly combine…stay far away from the combines. Perform on game-day…get yourself some game-film.

Once college is over, give me a call…if you think you can play professionally, I’ll get you READY for your combine…

-Jimmy Nolan

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