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AIM has featured a number of interviews and features about Speed Kills and Jimmy this year. Click on the links below to view:
Interview with Jimmy Nolan, Speed Kills

October 24, 2008

Paul J. Higgins sits down with Jimmy Nolan of Speed Kills to disucss the company and the many benefits of joining a camp such as Speed Kills. We learn about Jimmy’s past athletic career, and where his future is taking him. Join in on this discussion of athleticism and true sportsmanship.

October 24, 2008 interview with Jimmy Nolan, Speed Kills Part II

In August AIM featured two spots about Speed Kills Summer Camps on their website. In their introduction to the first webisode they wrote:

…focus is on speed, agility, and…well, speed! But beyond the training Jimmy offers he looks to give back to his athletes. Tune in to find out more about Jimmy Nolan and “Speed Kills.”

Click here to view now.

The second webisode focused more on interviews with the athletes themselves. The introduced it in this way:

In this webisode we hear from some of the athletes involved with “Speed Kills” and get a better perspective about what makes Jimmy Nolan stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Click here to view now.

Thanks AIM!!!



In the summer 2005, Speed Kills received a call from CBS and KCAL’s John Ireland. John is one of the main sports reporters for both stations and also reports for the Los Angeles Lakers. He said they had heard great things about Jimmy’s unique program and both he and Jim Hill wanted to do a special about our company. We were thrilled and are very thankful for this wonderful special they put together. Thanks for the great exposure guys!   

Noteworthy: John was very impressed after filming and said, “this would be perfect for Andrew Bynum, our new rookie…exactly what he needs.” Jimmy is anxiously waiting as John recommends it to the Lakers administration.


In 2002 Jimmy was honored with the Los Angeles Coach of the Year award and the KABC Monday Night Live NFL Coach of the Week award as seen in this video.

Cantwell had only two wins in three seasons before Jimmy’s arrival but went undefeated (10-0) during Jimmy’s 1st season as head coach and that with only 17 players. During Jimmy’s two years of coaching at Cantwell they had:

– 6 shutouts on defense. At one point, Cantwell was 6-0 and yet to be scored on (a California record).
– one of the best team GPA’s in the history of Cantwell Football
– 1st playoff win in the history of Cantwell football.
– changed Cantwell’s game attendance from 150-200 to 3000+ (sold out).
– In two years, 18 student-athletes received First Team All League honors.
– No one from Cantwell had gone on to play college football before Nolan’s arrival. 9 of Jimmy’s players played in college…6 received full or partial scholarships.


The ultimate competitor, on Feb. 16, 2005 Jimmy debuted in his first (and also proffesional) boxing match. Regarding this he writes,

“I knew I could still do something professionally and thought I could move well enough to box. I had never boxed before, but had well over 100 amateur fights on the football field with teammates throughout the years…hence, a few years later, I accepted an offer to fight at America’s longest running boxing show- the “Battle in the Ballroom” at the Irvine Marriott…this was a good test for me because I only had 30 days to learn how to box, get myself in shape again, and go for it. It was a war…a great night.”

For more about boxing with Jimmy please go here.


Click here to watch the video interview with Mike Anello

my lil’ cousin, Mike Anello, walked on to Notre Dame Football a couple years ago…great story…a modern day RUDY movie, except this kid can play!

small, undersized, white, and was told by everyone that he’d never make it….I trained him via emails and phonecalls for a while, then he flew out this past spring to train with me….he was just told by head coach last week that HE HAS BEEN AWARDED A FULL SCHOLARSHIP.

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