elitegroupSpeed Kills ELITE Group

(countless over-achieving success stories, every year since 1998)

…every year I take a group of athletes and mentor them.

This is my SK ELITE GROUP.

Athletes that are truly serious, let’s sit down and discuss what needs to happen for you to fulfill your goals.

I only accept 5-10 athletes each year, to assure quality time with each one of them. Along with my wife, these student/athletes are my family…

Speed Kills has helped well over 100 students-athletes receive college scholarships in the last 16 years, while finding the right college for each student-athlete…and helped pave the way for successful-productive futures for many student-athletes with countless college acceptances and solid jobs.

This Scholarship Profiling / Mentoring Service Includes:

  • Letter(s) of Recommendation to College Coaches and Administrators
  • Phone call(s) of Recommendation to College Coaches and Administrators
  • Speed Kills ~ Speed and Agility Training
  • Daily training / communication / advice/ phone calls / emails / tutoring / meals / QUALITY LEARNING / etc.
  • Instant support from team SK ELITE GROUP
  • Physical Therapy
  • Tutoring in Core Subjects (Math, English, Science, etc)
  • Personal-Custom Lifestyle / Food / Nutrition Plan
  • Personal-Custom Weightlifting Plan (flexibility, endurance, explosion, quickness, etc. through weightlifting…all Jimmy’s secrets for success)

Your son or daughter will be able to access Jimmy or “SK ELITE GROUP” 24/7
Personal Academic Advisor to ensure the correct academic path for college acceptance

Hi-Light Video Tape
…and more…

Our service does not only pertain to high school seniors waiting to attend college.

We offer services from grade school and up, including Junior College athletes…

It’s extremely important not to wait until the last minute (your senior year in high school) to attain a scholarship. Why wait? Get a jump on things right now.

It’s a good idea to get an early start in preparing for your future, especially with all of today’s roadblocks for our youth (bad role models, MTV, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc).

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Please click here to read our Letters of Recommendation.

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