Welcome to our Wall of Fame. This page is is devoted to photos about Jimmy Nolan, Speed Kills and the Athletes that attend Speed Kills. Please take some time and enjoy. If you have a photo that you think belongs on this page, then contact Jimmy and send him the photo along with the name of the person in the photo and any explanation you would like to include. If if fits the Speed Kills criteria, we’ll put it up!

Brief notes about each photo can be viewed in the lower left-hand corner of your status bar when the mouse is placed (not clicked) over the thumbnail. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up the full sized photo. Many, many more photos to come!

There are Four Separate Galleries. We’ll show all four galleries on this page, but you can see them seperately by following these links:

  1. Wall of Fame – Jimmy’s Wall

  2. Wall of Training – Speed Kills Style

  3. Wall of Fame – Our Athletes, Up Against, On Over the Wall

  4. Wall of Fun – Just for Fun


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